Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Union Renewal

Brother S forwarded me this this morning after having a rant about social movement trade unionism yesterday over coffee. Union Renewal is a new blog based in the Netherlands and carries stories from across the globe as well as promoting the idea that trade unions need to broaden their range beyond the workplace. I urge everyone to add this new site to their blogroll.

Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to visit our new weblog, Union Renewal. If you would like to receive the weekly email newsletter, please register at the right-hand column of the weblog.

The trade union movement needs to organise new groups such as young people and minorities and to find ways to deal with developments such as globalisation, outsourcing and decreasing job security. In various countries, there are examples of unions that have found innovative ways to meet these challenges. Sometimes, they are surprisingly successful.

The FNV has collected examples of such successes in the booklet Innovative Trade Union Strategies, that was presented at the ETUC Congress in Seville. However, we do not want to leave it at that. In order to promote the exchange of successful examples, we have now launched a weblog on union renewal.

The weblog offers news on issues including: What is the trade union movement doing to organise young, minority and flex workers? How does it cope with globlisation? What are its activities at the local level? How does it put social justice on the agenda?

Please help us further develop this weblog:

* Give us feedback. Do you think this is a good initiative? How can the weblog be improved?
* Do you have suggestions or contributions? Please send them to or
* Do you know other people who might be interested? Please forward this email.

Thank you very much,
Yours truly,

Agnes Jongerius
Netherlands Trade Union Confederation FNV

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