Monday, 20 August 2007

Sparta Techno Party

I'd like to welcome Brother S to AVPS. Like myself, the steel in his Bolshevik soul was forged in foundry of Stoke's titanic class battles. He will be posting his musings on various subjects when he can fit a post in between his Stakhanovite PhD labours and party duties.

To celebrate, here is what my tune of the week would have been if it was out on general release. (Note to Jim D, this definitely does not feature John Rees).


marta said...

I am portguese and I need some advise in sociology.
I would like to read about social construction of reality. What do you advise me to get?
My intereste in sociology is a recent one... I would like to study substance abuse (as a desease) as a social construction. Thank You

Duncan said...

Come on comrade, don't say your much-heralded return to blogging has been delayed again!