Monday, 8 January 2007

A Job Well Done

Nick Griffin and myself have two things in common. First we share the same blog template. Second, we happen to think the "expose" of the BNP in the Grauniad has completely backfired.

Appearing in The Guardian (21-22 December), Inside the Secret and Sinister World of the BNP uncovered these shocking revelations:
Activists are being encouraged to adopt false names when engaged on BNP business, to reduce the chance of their being identified as party members in their other dealings with the public.

The BNP has also been instructing its activists in the use of encryption software to conceal the content of their email messages, and to protect the party's secret membership lists.
And most troubling of all we're told of the existence of a covert rule book advising members to keep their boneheadedness behind doors.

I don't know about you, but I'm absolutely shaking with rage that a fascist organisation should behave in such a despicably underhanded fashion!

As it turns out the first article is the hook to pull in outraged liberal types. In my opinion the more interesting material is in the second part. Here our reporter lifts the lid on the way rank and file BNP members think.
Many see Britain as a sick and corrupt place, a country in perpetual crisis, and appear to believe that it is falling headlong towards collapse. Multi-culturalism, they believe, is as much a cause as a symptom of this diseased state. It is also the cause of their own unease.
Yes, increasing numbers of the white majority of our class are coming around to this way of thinking and our masters are at a loss how to deal with it. The Mail, Express, Sun, Star, et al divide our class by whipping up hatred against asylum seekers and migrant workers; the mainstream parties fall over themselves to victimise them ... and the ruling class wonders how the BNP has gained the ear of some white workers!

Liberal sections of the bourgeoisie are equally clueless. Polite society may have the knives out for the BNP. But the weapons of low level harrassment, limp exposes and labelling them pariahs strengthens their claim the multicultural establishment is out to get them for standing up for white Britons.

So congratulations to The Guardian for a job well done.

PS Before Nick Griffin gets too smug, what does it say about his organisation when an undercover journo is appointed an organiser within three months of joining? Smacks of the Stoker/Finnon affair ...


Anonymous said...

I was very underwhelmed by the articles as well - in short I didn't think the journalist had much of a story. It suggested me that the politics of the BNP may really be moving away form the extremes.

I know the following could be a controversial comparison but I am sure comrades will read it carefully.

The BNP, as reported in the Guardian reminded me of the former Militant in, note, just a single aspect.

The BNP may now have a membership who are being given a toned down version of their politics - quite a long way from traditional fascism.

My thinking was that their general members may well no longer really argue for or indeed believe in, e.g., compulsory 'repatriation' in the same way that Militant members were criticised, by their left critics, for arguing not for traditional communism but just for left reformism.

The suspicion (by the right) or hope (by the left) was that Militant was in fact, orthodox, in that key members knew that Britain couldn't be transformed through parliament but a communist revolution was needed.

The fact, I fear was that what may have been originally a public face to help work in the Labour Party, turned the Militant itself into a reformist body. The reformism worked inward.

So I also think that it's possible that the inner corterie of the BNP may well no longer secretly take instruction from Mein Kampf and actually mean what they publicly say - which is still, of course, a virulent form of racist capitalist politics. Or they may just have fooled me.

Scott said...

If the Gardian had really wanted to show the BNP for what they where they should have done something like Lancasture UAF and compiled a list of what the BNP councilers have done for there voters...
It would be a short artical about 0 words, In fact I think most of there councilers get thrown out because they can't even be arsed to attend council meetings.
P.S. on the Stoker/Finnon thing, the BNP tend not to recruite meany bright activits, so throses who show willing move up fast (Much like the SWP, Sorry for that Secteran Snipe but I just couldn't resist)

ejh said...

The best should not be made the enemy of the good.

Duncan Money said...


I also think that it's possible that the inner corterie of the BNP may well no longer secretly take instruction from Mein Kampf and actually mean what they publicly say - which is still, of course, a virulent form of racist capitalist politics.

This is very dangerous to assume. The BNP remains a fascist political party with unrepentant Nazis in leading positions. While the language of the party may be right populist, Powellite racist, the party itself remains fascist.

The BNP leadership operates on one principle, hiding their real politics. A quote from Nick Griffin a few months before he took over says it all:

"As long as our own cadres understand the full implications of our struggle, then there is no need for us to do anything to give the public cause for concern ... we must at all times present them with an image of moderate reasonableness....

"Of course, we must teach the truth to the hardcore, for, like you, I do not intend this movement to lose its way.

But when it comes to influencing the public, forget about racial differences, genetics, Zionism, historical revisionism [i.e. Holocaust denial] and so on – all ordinary people want to know is what we can do for them that the other parties can’t or won’t."

In addition to this the party retains many of the traditional features, but less well known, of fascism. For example, hatred of liberalism and most importantly corporatist economics that has been a feature of fascism from Italy to Portugal right the way to the BNP's economic programme.

I spend a lot of my time fighting the BNP and one of the most important things to do is expose them for what they really are, particularly to people inclined to vote for them and to even party members who do not know what the BNP really is.

cookie monster said...

i love the way the left decry free speech whenit doesnt suit them......

im not a BNP supporter but they have the right to say whatever they want, just as anti-british traitors like George Galloway do. i dont notice too many Guardian expose's on him......

and anyway, surely its far better to give them enough rope to (metaphorically) hang themselves?