Saturday, 26 June 2010

TV on Saturday January 7th, 1983

While I was sifting through a bunch of boxes that haven't been opened for donkey's years, I came across a fragment of the Nottingham Guardian from January 7th, 1983. Amid the adverts for self-hypnosis, silver mustard pot collections and Chilwell Antiques' Fair my eye caught the day's TV listings. Would you like to see what fare the four channels were offering?

09:15 Hold Down a Chord
09:30 Saturday Superstore
12:15 Grandstand
05:25 Rod and Emu's Special
05:55 Jim'll Fix It
06:30 Ice Station Zebra
08:50 Three of a Kind
09:20 News and Sport
09:35 Dynasty
10:25 Best of Carrott's Lib
11:15 Tennis
12:05 Phil Silvers

10:10 Open University
11:40 Close Open University
03:00 Trouble Along the Way
06:50 Sight and Sound in Concert
07:30 News and Sport
07:45 Saturday Briefing
08:20 Beindigo Boswell
10:00 World Darts
10:40 News
10:45 The Tenant
12:50 Close

Central (ITV)
09:30 Batman
10:00 Star Fleet [I almost certainly watched this episode]
10:30 The Saturday Show
12:15 World of Sport
05:05 News
05:15 Metal Mickey [I probably caught this as well]
05:45 Chips [and this]
06:40 Punchlines
07:10 David Frost Presents the Fourth Guiness Book of Records
08:10 Detour to Terror
10:00 News and Sport
10:15 Star Soccer
11:15 A Spectacular Night in Paris

Channel Four
01:30 Making the Most Of
02:00 Stella Dallas
03:55 Great Isambard Kingdom Brunel
04:25 Little Boy with a Big Horn
04:35 Password
05:05 Brookside
06:00 News Headlines
09:30 The Lady is a Tramp
10:00 Upstairs Downstairs
11:00 The Avengers
11:55 Death in the City
01:40 Close
Shakespeare once said the past is a foreign country, and L.P. Hartley added "they do things differently there". He wasn't joking. Only four channels and programmes not starting 'til 9:15 in the morning? Even the 24 hour clock was beyond them FFS!

Folk today don't know they're born.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me feel old ... By the way, is there something missing from the Channel 4 schedule? It looks as if the news headlines at 6 lasted for three and a half hours!

Phil said...

I thought that as well. I think it's more likely that they had their normal news programme and then went off the air for a few hours, living viewers with nothing more than the old C4 logo.

Imposs1904 said...

Bilko was brilliant. One of the best sit coms ever. (The Phil Silvers reference on BBC 1.)

SamG said...

So society was dumb back then too! Just for less time!

Anonymous said...

Darren, Bilko was brilliant. It speaks well for BBC1 that they ended on that.

Here in the U.S., the TV stations started to go 24 hours in the 1970's. So we Yanks have suffered longer than you have.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Nottingham Guardian?

Good grief, that's a long time ago.

I love how long Grandstand is on for.

jgw said...

Amazing, but I can remember where I was that day.

From the beginning of January 1983 I spent six weeks working in London during the week and returning to Manchester at the weekend, before moving permanently to London in the middle of February. I have a vivid memory of going round to a friend's place in Manchester during that period when his daughter was watching Ice Station Zebra on the TV. And there it is, on BBC1 in your listings.