Tuesday 12 May 2009

No2EU Calls For Anti-Sleaze Protest Vote

Latest No2EU press release:

No2EU – Yes to Democracy sends out call for protest vote over MP’s and EU sleaze on June 4th

Britain’s newest political grouping, No2EU-Yes to Democracy, today sent out a message to voters disgusted by the trail of sleaze from Westminster to Strasbourg – if you want to punish the political elite don’t get sucked in by the fascists and the far right, support the only organisation standing nationally on June 4th that opposes the political gravy train and which supports workers rights, public services and social justice.

No2EU-Yes to Democracy is led by
RMT general Secretary Bob Crow who is topping the organisations slate in London. It is running candidates on June 4th in every region of the UK except Northern Ireland.

Amongst the No2EU slate is former Labour MP Dave Nellist who is standing in the West Midlands. As an MP Dave was well known for taking only the average workers wage and for donating the rest to campaigns and charity.

"The growing evidence of widespread 'creative' claims for expenses by MPs of all parties illustrates how rotten our political system has become. And the potential for making money on the side is even greater with MEPs' expenses than Westminster", Mr. Nellist said today.

"Someone claiming benefit who 'worked the system' like MPs appear to do would be interviewed under caution and almost certainly prosecuted. A failure by an unemployed family to declare a change of circumstances to the authorities can count as fraud, and be subject to the full force of the law. The difference is, of course, that MPs make the law - and it really is, one law for the rich and one for the poor".

Bob Crow, No2EU Convenor and RMT general secretary, added:

“We have seen today that while MP’s and MEP’s have been lining their pockets at the tax payers expense there has been a massive increase in unemployment and the minimum wage, under pressure from the bosses, has been increased by a pathetic 7 pence an hour. It’s no wonder people are so angry with the political elite.

“No2EU-Yes to Democracy wants people to use that anger and pass it over to us in a protest vote on June 4th that will rock the rotten establishment all the way from Westminster to Strasbourg.”


Further information:
Geoff Martin 07818 513 435
Brian Denny 07903 376 303

NOTE : No2EU-Yes to Democracy
London Rally
Monday 1st June 2009 – 6.30PM
With Bob Crow, Dave Nellist, John Hendy QC and Janice Goodrich PCS
Friends Meeting House
Euston Road, London NW1


Dave Semple said...

So that's No2EU and Norman Tebbit on one day. Can you say 'bandwagon' lol? I'm only kidding.

Phil said...

Lol, Solomon in the previous No2EU thread suggested we do something on this first!!!

Vicky said...

Why does it not mention that Dave Nellist is in the Socialist Party?

Phil said...

Don't know. Must be a Stalinist conspiracy.

Prinkipo Exile said...

It's a pity No2EU aren't saying any MEPs they have elected will only take a worker's wage, rather than boycott the parliament altogether.