Sunday 1 December 2019

Five Most Popular Posts in November

The first full month of general election goodness. How has it played out in terms of audience attractions in November?

1. The Problem with Old People
2. A Sociology of Liberal Democrat Snakery
3. The Tragedy of Angela Smith
4. The BBC's Anti-Labour Bias
5. Is Nigel Farage Labour's New Best Friend?

Well, yes. The election wins out. We have the relatively chin-strokey piece considering why older people are more prone to vote for right wing parties than the left. This was followed up by two (count 'em) pieces considering the awfulness of the Liberal Democrats. The first looked at the material basis for the LibDems' notorious opportunism, which was followed up by the not at all tragic story of the predicament Labour-turned-ChangeUK-turned-LibDem Angela Smith. Truly a miserable end to a miserable career. And holding up the bottom half of our monthly list is a look at the BBC's awful general election coverage, and then the consequences of the Brexit Party election campaign.

What deserves an evening out in the second chance saloon this time? I'm going for two. I recommend looking at this piece about the Conservative manifesto because it's very likely we'll be returning to it this coming week. And for a sort of break from politics, there's this wee review of Ian McEwan's latest book.

And how might it look next week? I suspect the general election will dominate and just imagine, imagine, if Labour out performs expectations. The trend in the polls are certainly looking like last time ...

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Blissex said...

«the not at all tragic story of the predicament Labour-turned-ChangeUK-turned-LibDem Angela Smith.»

And how are the mighty fallen! Here is ex-Labour (or perhaps never-Labour) A Campbell campaigning for an ex-Conservative MP turned LibDem:
«And yet it is clear that Lee, whose concerns about Brexit drove him to give up a safe Tory seat to fight the Remain cause, is aware that there are frustrating obstacles that could prove critical in his quest to overturn the 18,000 majority of the arch-Brexiter John Redwood. The failure of a bigger pro-Remain pact looms large. “Alastair Campbell was out supporting me yesterday,” he says.»

Amusing that A Campbell is not campaigning for an ex-Labour colleague, but for an ex-Conservative one. Perhaps he is a local in a constituency so posh and right-wing that it votes for John Redwood.