Saturday 11 July 2009

A Tale of Two Cases

The News of the World under the watch of David Cameron's media advisor, Andy Coulson, are accused of hacking into the voice mail of thousands of politicians and celebrities. Despite ample evidence and the fact Coulson resigned over the illegal hacking of phones in 2007, a case that led to the imprisonment of the NOTW's royal editor, the police have decided there is no case to answer. NOTW is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Over July and August 2006, Tommy Sheridan, then one of two MSPs for
Solidarity fought a successful libel battle against NOTW and won £200,000 in damages. After a complaint was brought, Lothian and Borders Police spent 40,000 hours and at least £1.8 million pursuing a perjury case against Sheridan and his friendly witnesses. The Crown Office were put under pressure by the police to prosecute the case. The office gave it the green light and Tommy and Gail Sheridan will have a preliminary hearing on Monday. NOTW is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

I'm just saying ...

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Anonymous said...

Don't think I see the connection. Surely the Sheridan case proceeded because of the evidence?

Dave Semple said...

The police, in the case of the Andy Coulson incident, can hardly be said to have exhaustively examined the evidence presented recently by the Guardian - but with testimony from literally dozens of other media sources. Some of whom have published books with big chapters devoted to who was involved and how.

I think Phil is a bit light detailing some of the convictions already achieved - piffling though they were - but he's dead right in the disparity between the two cases. One involves deceit, unlawful gathering of information not to mention a corruption of basic human and democratic rights, the other was perjury. A politician lied? Under oath? Call the police!

Eddie Truman said...

Dave, your narrative is broken, it could lead to future problems.
Tommy is pleading not guilty, in other words he saying it's not true, he didn't lie.
You can read the full indictment here...

Vengeance and Fashion said...

Eddie Truman, why don't you shut your scabby mouth?

Anonymous said...

How nasty, Vengeance and Fashion.

Sheridan's going to Jail. Gail's going to jail. And their kid's going in to care.
That's the fact about that horrible cunt. He lied and lied and keeps on lying.
His supporters are thugs and fools.
Remember, Sheridan is going to jail and his kid's going into care. He's scum. Imagine doing that to your child.
Fucking lowlife.

Nick said...

Fuck's sake V&F and you anonymous, can you just shut the fuck up with the pointless vitriol over this.

1. Everyone in the world knows that tommy perjured himself with the exception of a few diehard fans.

2. Anyone who thinks the outcome of this case, whichever way it goes, is going to do any part of the left any good is living a long way from reality.