Wednesday 15 July 2009

More Slow Blogging

The end is near. Not for this blog, but for my PhD. In less than three months time it's looking like my thesis will be bound and submitted to the gatekeepers of academia who will then decide my fate after the dreaded oral exam. Will they give me the right to take up an abode in an ivory tower somewhere? Might I only be allowed to call myself Dr Phil after a number of corrections? Or am I likely to be laughed out of the room? Time will tell.

It does however mean I'm more or less withdrawing into myself. Political activity's only going to be allowed in the context of
Socialist Party, Keele UCU and North Staffs Trades Council meetings. It means blogging's going to be more sporadic too. Instead of jumping on the computer at night as soon as I get in to throw a post together I'm going to have to wind down with a good book. So when blogs do appear they will tend to be short, but hopefully sweet.

But it's only going to be for about three months. I just hope those months are going to be relatively quiet.


ModernityBlog said...

why start a new blog to mark your change of status?





Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Good luck with the Phd comrade!

Charlie Marks said...

"I just hope those months are going to be relatively quiet."

What you're saying is: workers of the world, wait a bit. Don't start the revolution without me ;-)

Brother S said...

And keep of Twitter. Remember the immortal words of Frankie Howerd-
'twitter ye not'.

Phil said...

Bit worried about calling myself Dr Phil for that name is universally associated with the moralising US chat show sociopath.