Monday, 20 July 2009

More New Socialist Blogs

Blathering about established blogs and the Total Politics Top 100 has reminded me the last month has seen a load of new left bloggers enter into the fray. Shall we take a look?

Lansbury's Lido offers a view on the world from a Christian socialist standpoint. Chris Hall, the author writes "I'm slowly beginning to realise that this liberal parliamentary democracy we live in isn't quite so liberal or parliamentary and is definitely lacking in democracy." You can follow Chris on Twitter here.

The Polemical Report does exactly what it says on the tin. Kit offers a combination of aggregate commentary on the media and analysis of a wide range of issues, from everything to the role of the US in the Honduras coup to an analysis of UKIP's performance in Wales during the European elections, Definitely a blog that deserves a wider audience.

In my opinion some of the groups behind the Hands Off the People of Iran are nuttier than a box of frogs(!?) but on the whole HOPI I think it has had a positive influence on the anti-war movement. That it can be simultaneously attacked as a front for Iran's mullahs by the AWL and denounced as first campist cheer leaders of US imperialism by so-called anti-imperialists suggests to me they've got the balance about right. And now, HOPI has
launched a blog carrying news on the upheavals convulsing Iranian society. It says "This blog has been set up in order to keep Hands Off the People of Iran members, supporters and friends up to speed with the latest developments from inside Iran. HOPI members are in constant contact with leading activists in the Iranian workers’ movement and are in an excellent position to not only report on events but to actively intervene in them. In face of the crackdown on communications media inside Iran, it is vital for us to assist in publicising demonstrations, strikes and rallies as and when they unfold." Whatever one's opinion of HOPI is the news carried is of interest to politicos of all persuasions, not just socialists.

It's always a pleasure when a new
Socialist Party-supporting blog starts up. This last month I've come across Proper Tidy, a comrade who offers "a non-partisan review of socialism in Wrexham and throughout North East Wales." At present the content is a nice mix of original comment, media reports and SP material. You can follow Proper Tidy on Twitter here.

The next blog comes from Becky, a fellow lefty twitterer I bumped into during the Twitter coverage of the European elections. And she's started a blog too. Her
Socialism of the Heart is an eclectic mix of the political, the spiritual and the musical. You can also follow Becky on twitter here.

Lastly for this clutch of new blogs,
River's Edge offers "news and thoughts from Preston, Lancashire". And from much further afield too. On Twitter the blog's author has become a must follow for anyone interested in the events unfolding in Honduras, and that is reflected in the blog too, alongside a mix of the political and cultural. You can follow 'Ribblesider' on Twitter here.

Time for a few shouts out. Last month
The Commune got a bit shirty for not getting a mention. Well comrades, this is about new blogs. That said The Commune do run an excellent blog and deserves a regular visit IMO. Also the Leftwing Criminologist has recently returned from the Committee for a Workers' International summer camp. Read all about it here.

And that's the new blog round up for this month. If you know of any new socialist or feminist blogs that have started up lately then let me know. Until next time, red salute!


Kit said...

Thanks for the link

jon said...


I'm starting a new socialist blog called Rosa's Ghost. I
was hoping you might add it to your links page. It would be a great
help. Thanks in advance.

Phil said...

No probs, Jon. I'll feature you in the next round up (due this weekend).