Wednesday 26 June 2019

Waiting for the Revolution, 1st July

Have an interest in the far left and Trotskyism? Perhaps a member of an organisation within these traditions, have a past activist record with them, or have developed an interest with the minutiae of left wing history? And happen to be in or near the Nottingham area on Monday 1st July between 7pm and 8.30pm? Then why not join me and Evan Smith, co-editor of Against the Grain and Waiting for the Revolution, and author of British Communism and the Politics of Race for an evening discussing Trotskyana, sectariana, far left history, Evan's work, and what the rich history of labour movement struggles in the UK and Australia have to teach us today.

The event is at Five Leaves, Nottingham's radical bookshop. Tickets are £4 waged, £2 student/unwaged and you can book your place via Hope to see you there!


John Edwards said...

Great pity that the journal Revolutionary History disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to it? The archive, particularly the obituaries of veteran Trots were often very interesting

Anonymous said...

It has come to my attention that LGBT rights have been pretty much fully embraced by all of the ruling elite, the status quo apologists and the lackeys of the established order. So I think this should be moved from the revolutionary category to the thank god some shred of decency exists in these barbaric times!

Hopefully all the talk will be about the atrocities carried out in Yemen, the defeat of the government in the high courts, the death count from austerity and the continuing Palestinian baiting that has become a national sport in the West, particularly in the most aggressive imperialistic and most overtly neo liberal nations such as the USA (the worlds Gangster) and the UK.

Also hopefully a thorough attack on Western values will be top of the agenda, both in its willful destruction of the environment and its dehumanising aspects!