Sunday 15 September 2013

UK's Top 50 Worst Political Blogs 2013

First embarrassment.

It's the list no one has been waiting for. And, sadly, it's proven to be something of a damp squib. Cast your mind back to last month when this blog excitedly solicited votes for the 2013 poll of the UK's worst political blogs. Unfortunately, the votes didn't pile in and the mini-viral from last time I tried this didn't take off. I have some super serious theories why, but that can wait for a proper blog about blogging.

And so, of necessity, this is the top 50 (plus one) worst blogs in reverse order as voted by the internets. Feel free to compare them with 2010's results.

51. Blue Blairite
50. Histomat
49. Rusty's Skewed News
48. Caron's Musings
47. Liberal Conspiracy
46. The Staggers
45. Jonathan Freedland
44. Nannying Tyrants
43. Obo the Clown
42. Political Scrapbook
41. Eoin Clarke
40. John's Labour Blog
39. LibDem Voice
38. Nick Cohen
37. Samizdata
36. SCOT goes POP!
35. Simon Clark
34. The Jewish Chronicle Online
33. Tony Greenstein
32. CyberBoris
31. Labour Uncut
30. Capitalist@Work
29. The Centre Left
28. Shiraz Socialist
27. Tim Worstall
26. A Very Public Sociologist
25. Juan Cole
24. Lenin's Tomb
23. James Delingpole
22. Left Futures
21. Hopi Sen
20. The Libertarian Alliance
19. Millennium Dome, Elephant
17. Old Holborn
16. Wings Over Scotland
15. Glen Greenwald
14. Conservative Home
13. David Lindsay
12. Islamophobia Watch
11. Douglas Murray
10. Spiked
9. Underdogs Bite Upwards
8. The Commentator
7. Frank Davis
6. Velvet Glove, Iron Fist
5. Comment is Free
4. Dick Puddlecote
3. Harry's Place
2. Guido

And the political blog voted the UK's worst for 2013?

Second embarrassment. It's this:

That's right, a blog I'm a regular contributor at has toppled Guido and assumed the cacky crown itself.

Interestingly those voting for Socialist Unity overwhelmingly hailed from the left. Fratricide does it again!


David Lindsay said...

I have never felt so proud. A new entry this year, but I managed thirteenth place.

Andy Newman at Number One has just been selected as a Labour parliamentary candidate, albeit in a hopeless seat. His archenemies on third-placed Harry's Place are incandescent.

It's all good, clean, family fun in the political blogosphere.

Phil said...

Indeed. Despite the poor showing I'll probably run it again next summer, notwithstanding an accident or another run of blogger's block.

'Blogosphere' - there's a term you seldom hear these days. Another one to go into a future chin-stroky post on the state of blogging.

Phil said...

One irony worth mentioning is how libertarian bloggers, led by the person of Dick Puddlecote combined and collectively intervened in the vote. And libertarian blogs did well/crap, depending on your perspective.

Want to rethink the power of collectivism lads?

Anonymous said...

A well deserved win for Socialist Unity!

Congrats to Andy for continuing to offer his unique blend of heavily romanticised labourism and excuses for Chinese state repression of political and industrial opposition.

According to Amnesty International the arrest and torture of human rights activists in China remains widespread.

Thankfully Andy Newman is around to remind us that such events are just part of the China's unique political culture. Who are we to judge?

I would feel nauseous consorting with figures like Newman. Others seem less fussy.


Speedy said...

but it's not scientific is it? "Worst" must also account for "popular"? The "worst" one are also the most "infamous" so in a sense its a badge of honour and you want to get down there mate...

David Lindsay said...

My ambition is now to be recognised as the thirteenth-worst political blogger in the world.

Facing Reality said...

Boo hoo - I didn't even make the top 50. I would've thought that annoying the SWP would've guaranteed a few votes - though maybe the SWP that didn't leave are all under instructions not to look at blogs.

HarpyMarx said...

Not sure whether to be happy or sad that I am not part of the 50 worst political blogs... ;)

Mhairi McAlpine said...

Just a little reminder of the urghy horribleness of this year's well deserved winner.

Phil said...

Maybe next year Facing and Harpy, maybe next year ...

John Gray said...

40th! Well, the people have spoken I suppose...

(the bastards).

Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks. I've bookmarked this page so that I have easy reach to some of my favourite blogs instead of scrolling through the favorites button.
You do a great service to right thinking libertarians.
Epic fail on your part but thanks anyway

Wolfie said...

no ''Wolfie's'' blog on the list

Phil said...

Indeed no, Wolfie. That's because no one voted for you.

Anonymous said...

From Dave Atherton

Really pleased to be associated with The Commentator as a former regular writer.

Any chance of a mention as worst writer?

I am being tongue in cheek but happy to be made an example of.

Phil said...

You're "happy to be made an example of"?

I'm not Miss Whiplash mate.

Anonymous said...

Stalinist Unity is a well deserved winner.

Dioclese said...

Gutted. Never made the list at all!..