Friday 21 May 2010

When in a Hole ...

Stoke BNP councillor Steve Batkin (appropriately, on the far right of the picture) is known for being a spanner short of a tool box, but you would at least think he'd have learned something about handling the media in his 20 years of BNP membership. Alas, to assume such a thing would be to overestimate the man.

Our Steve got himself pictured with these boneheads from Blood and Honour at the war memorial in Stone during his re-election campaign a couple of years ago. This photo was apparently in the possession of Alby Walker, until recently the darling of Stoke BNP, who passed it on to Nothing British.

In an attempt at damage limitation Batkin was interviewed by Stoke-centric blog Pits 'n' Pots. Unfortunately for him and the BNP, Batkin is yet to learn that you're supposed to dampen down controversy; not fan the flames.

In the third part of the audio interview, Batkin says:
I've always believed about 300,000 people died in the Jewish holocaust, not six million ... there's no way there was that many Jews in Europe at that time who could have sustained that amount of deaths. 
Next time Cllr Batkin finds himself in a hole, will the local fash remember to confiscate his spade?


Red Mike said...

I know they say Fascism is an ideology of contradictions, But how exactly can the British far right honour Britains fighting spirit and then glorify the Nazi's at the same time? if they were machines the contradiction would have made them explode.

Phil said...

Indeed. It's a bit like how they deny the holocaust while cracking jokes about gassing Jews.