Tuesday, 3 November 2009

South Korean Defects to the North

This was too superb not to share with the rest of the world. This press release came to me via the ever-dependable Leftist Trainspotters discussion list. When someone defects from the South to the North it's bound to be big news. Now, no sniggering at the translation. Just read, reflect and salute the Juche Idea!
S. Korean Resident Defects to DPRK

Pyongyang, October 27 (
KCNA) -- Kang Tong Rim, 30, who resided in Polgyo Township, Posong County, South Jolla Province of south Korea, Monday came over to the northern half of Korea by crossing the Military Demarcation Line in the eastern sector of the front.

According to him, he served in the First Platoon of the 9th Company under the 3rd Battalion of the 56th Regiment, the 22nd Division of the south Korean army, from September 2001 to November 2003. During the military service he made several attempts for defection with his longing for the northern half of Korea, but in vain.

After being discharged he worked at the Samsung Semiconductor Company as a worker and then left it. He was employed at a pig farm in Polgyo Township before defection.

He is pleased with the accomplishment of his desire for defection.

He is now under the warm care of a relevant organ.


Anonymous said...

I like the conclusion. KCNA's command of English can be brilliantly eccentric.

Simon said...

Have you ever noticed the linguistic idiosyncrasies picked up by native English speakers who adhere to the Juche idea? When talking about politics and particularly about North Korea they inevitably fall into the same broken English used by KCNA and those poor online translations of the ravings of the Kim dynasty. In political terms they actually THINK in this broken language – right along with the broken logic of the Juche concept.

The same was true in large part for the ardently pro-Albania line back when they were producing original content.

North Briton Hunter said...

This was supposed to be in my paper on Monday. Great story. Not sure if it ever made it. Never read the paper.

ibs said...

That KCNA site has hilarious stuff:

Pyongyang, October 31 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il provided field guidance to technologically updated industrial establishments and a chicken farm in North Phyongan Province. ... He expressed great satisfaction over that fact that the officials and workers of the farm have made leaping progress in the production of chicken and eggs. It is very gratifying that the officials and workers of the farm are raising a lot of ducks and pigs by making an effective use of excrement of chicken, he said, highly appreciating their tenacious work style.

Anonymous said...

As someone else said on the Leftist Trainspotters list, I hope they packed lunch!

paddy garcia said...

Are they serious, feeding chicken shit to ducks and pigs? That's the last time I'll eat North Korean duck and bacon!

andy newman said...

Is that the Village People in the picture?

Mark Victorystooge said...

People have defected to the north before. Sometimes it was people with left-wing links from the Korean War, in which there was a sizable pro-Communist guerrilla force, especially in the mountains of southwest Korea. Even if they got out of jail after their movement was suppressed, they remained suspect. Sometimes it was people who fell foul of or lost a power struggle in the south.