Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Top 100 Left Blogs

Back in July I predicted socialist bloggers would be squeezed by new Labour blogs and the participation of LabourList, Conservative Home and LibDem Voice in the annual Total Politics top 100 poll of political blogs.

I was wrong - so much for the science of perspectives! Overall the position of the
proper left has improved in the top 100 left of centre blogs. Here's the top 20:

1 (1) Tom Harris MP
2 (2) Hopi Sen
3 (-) LabourList
4 (-) Alastair Campbell
5 (13) SNP Tactical Voting
6 (6) Luke Akehurst
7 (12) Harry's Place
8 (-) Next Left
9 (3) Stumbling & Mumbling
10 (27) The Daily (Maybe)
11 (59) Guerilla Welsh Fare
12 (17)
A Very Public Sociologist
13 (10) Dave's Part
14 (-) Third Estate
15 (43) Two Doctors
16 (73) Blog Menai
17 (11) Sadie's Tavern
18 (-) Blackburn Labour
19 (74) Kerry McCarthy MP
20 (-) Malc in the Burgh

What's that blog at number 12?

What I would count as counter-hegemonic blogging has gained more than it's lost. I'm glad to see excellent new blogs like
The Third Estate, The Polemical Report, Left Outside and Cllr Tim Blog make the grade. It's also gratifying to see Charlie Marks, Liam Mac Uaid, Shiraz Socialist, GrimmerUpNorth, Madam Miaow, Stroppyblog, Splintered Sunrise, Derek Wall, Lenin's Tomb, Though Cowards Flinch, HarpyMarx, Penny Red, The F-Word, Socialist Unity, The Bickerstaffe Record, Dave Osler, Jim Jepps and Chris Dillow maintain and in most cases improve their rankings.

There's no reason these and the many other fine left blogs who didn't make the list shouldn't continue winning new audiences and building the profile of socialist blogging over the next 12 months.

For last year's results, see

And yes, just like a year ago myself and
Brother S toasted our success over a green tea!


Anonymous said...

A very well deserved placing for yourself. I know it's just a bit of fun, but it is like getting a big pat on the back, isn't it? You know somebody out there likes what you're doing.

BTW, this Foucault stuff has been really interesting. But will take some digestion.

HarpyMarx said...

I agree with Splintered regarding it is like getting a 'big pat on the back'. And unashamedly I will say, 'Woohoo'...that I climbed up from 72 to 37. Woohoo!

I shall cease now with the 'woohoo'.

Well done to Splintered and to yourself Phil.

Oh, and toast your success over something at least with something drug fuelled....caffeine...perchance...

Coffee and cupcakes. Fantastic!

Phil BC said...

Cheers. Some more "theoretical" reflections on the poll to come this weekend if I can find the time!

Phil BC said...

Also have to say it's particularly gratifying to see the likes of Tom Watson, Labour Home and Norman Geras take a dive down the chart. Hopefully next year Tom Harris will do the same - if he hasn't defected to the Tories by then.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Not in any way wanting to prick the bubble but as I said when you first plugged this, many quality left-wing blogs have boycotted the poll, mainly becuase it is run by Iain Dale and also because it is not a fair and accurate guide to the UK blogging world.

Glyn said...

I've just setup my blog so hopefully that can add another quality left-wing blog

As I said I've only just set it up so it is quite bare at the moment but hopefully I will sort that out soon.

Phil BC said...

Good man. You've been added to the SP/CWI blog roll.

Madam Miaow said...

Thanks for the plug, Phil.

Shouldn't be pleased to be on this list but, well, I admit it. I yam.

Phil BC said...

Daniel, I think there would be problems portraying a fair and accurate portrait of political blogging regardless of who hosts the poll. I should be writing something more about this over the weekend.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Indeed Phil, it is just that Iain Dale is a particularly reprehensible blogger, full of the kind of puffed up self-importance that enables him to think that he is in a position of power to do such a poll.

ModernityBlog said...

Well Phil, if you write more, you'll head up higher and higher!

good luck

Phil BC said...

At present rate SP and CWI bloggers are spawning I confidently predict a complete take over of the chart next year by us. Revisionists, reformists and sectarians on the fringes of the labour movement - beware!

JJR said...

Congratulations! I'm also a regular reader of Lenin's Tomb, which buoyed my spirits in the dark days of the early 2000s (down to the present) with insightful analysis and biting critique. Along the way I discovered this blog as well and still glad it's on my RSS live bookmark subscriptions on Firefox.

Phil BC said...

Thanks, JJR :)

Phil BC said...

Just to quickly add (and so I remember for next year) I came 41st in the overall UK list, up 16 from last year. Nice.