Friday, 19 December 2008

Branch Meeting: Not the Christmas Quiz!

The sturdy proletarians of Stoke Socialist Party met last night for the brightest event on our calendar. Forget Socialism, regional meetings, the branch AGM and the national conference. None hold a candle to the festive winterval extravaganza that is the Stoke SP Christmas Quiz! Who can resist the carefully selected bottle of the finest wine and the glory of the bragging rights for the next year? Not I!

Without further ado here are the 19 questions compiled by Sister M (not pictured). You can check the answers in the comments box and let the world know your scores. So, are comrades sitting comfortably? Then I will begin:

1) Who wrote the
News from Nowhere?

2) In what country has there been recent rioting over the killing of a teenage activist by the police?

3) What date (dd/mm/yy) was Iraq invaded by the US-UK led coalition?

4) Which union has launched a witch-hunt against four of its own activists?

5) Who won this year's US elections (aside from the American ruling class)?

6) Who wrote
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists?

7) Which member of the
Socialist Party is standing in the USDAW presidential elections?

8) Who failed to sell its 800 outlets for one pound?

9) Who said no to the Lisbon Treaty in June?

10) What do the initials 'NSSN' stand for?

11) Whose membership list was leaked onto the internet?

12) Who stopped a Chinese arms shipment to Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe?

13) Which film director supported the Shelter workers when they went on strike earlier in the year?

14) What anniversary did the NHS celebrate this year?

15) How many years is it since the guns fell silent in the Great War?

16) What was the name of the migrant worker who was killed by the police in Stockwell tube station?

17) Which 13 year old cooperative closed in January?

18) Who said "we are and always will be pro-enterprise and pro-competition as a government"? And where was it said?

19) Which publication started haunting the ruling classes across Europe 160 years ago this year, and who was it authored by?

Now turn to the comments for the answers and find out if you beat the branch champion ...


Phil said...

The answers are as follows:

1) William Morris

2) Greece

3) 20th March, 2003 (3 points)

4) Unison

5) Barack Obama

6) Robert Tressell

7) Robbie Segal

8) Woolworths

9) Republic of Ireland

10) National Shop Stewards' Network

11) BNP

12) South African dockworkers and transport (rail) workers (2 points)

13) Ken Loach

14) Its 60th

15) 90 years

16) Jean Charles de Menezes

17) Tower Colliery

18) Gordon Brown at the Labour party conference (2 points)

19) The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (3 points)

So how did you do?

This year I was able to wrestle back my crown from brother A (who came a miserable fourth, ha!) I weighed in with 22 points out of a possible 25. If you were there would you have stolen the glory?

Anonymous said...

18. :-(
5 days out on the Iraq war date.

Frank Partisan said...

That wasn't easy.

In the US many don't know who is vice president.

Leftwing Criminologist said...


I got all but the first one (which I couldn't remember off the top of my head) - I think quite a few of the questions were the same as teh quiz questions in the Socialist though.

Phil said...

Curses! Looks like you would have hauled my sorry ass over the coals! Not all Stoke comrades are seasoned sectologists, so the questions have to be balanced. If I was running it, well, I think comrades would do well to get half of them right.