Sunday, 11 February 2007


When I last posted I had a vision of churning out posts aplenty these last few days. I had in mind a meditation on Anais Nin's Delta of Venus (in case you don't know, it is a classic of erotic fiction). This post was to be followed by one looking at Pierre Bourdieu's theory of fields, capital, and habitus and how I plan to use it in relation to my PhD on SP and SWP activists. Tonight's musings were to be on Hollywood's silly disaster flick, The Day After Tomorrow.

Unfortunately I sat myself down on Friday evening to have a pop at the press coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's untimely death, but then it just went. The post just disappeared down a big black hole and nothing short of a major effort was able to retrieve it. But it would not come. And so it was yesterday and today.

I've need to be honest with you, and myself.

I am struggling with blogger's block.

I need solutions. Fast. How do you manage to post (nearly) every day? Do you have any tips that pick you up when your writing has gone off the rails?


AN said...

I think you have to be clear in your own mind why you are doing it.

I blog becasue it helps me think, and I use the blog as a sorta sketchbook for doodling out my Weltanshauung.

This is partly cos I have loads of undifested IS/SWP politics in my head, that i am not sure i agree with anymore, and blogging is a way of putting those ideas through their paces and see how they fit when you try to apply them to novel situations.

Writing makes me think, and I like to think every day.

But being part of a shared blog is also better I think

You culd always just join the SU blog, if you want.

Anonymous said...

"I blog becasue it helps me think"

I Couldn't agree more, A lot of the stuff I post is copyed news storys, that happen to intrest me.

Jim Jepps said...

I think it's worth avoiding blogging for the sake of it. If you don't feel like it - don't. It only becomes a problem if you fall out of the habit I suppose.

I think I detect the specific problem you're having though - all the groovy ideas you had for blogging are quite hard core, and its easy to get deflated when the internet steals your time... if you think every post has to be world changing in some way I think it would become pretty daunting.

Treat it like a conversation with political friends - sometimes when we chat we are fascinating - and other times its just nice, and sometimes it just moves us towards a really important thought that we wouldn't reach if we didn't go through everything else first.

I guess I'm just saying relax, don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

You have to stop knowing things like who Anna Nicole Smith was for a start. You'll be caring about Dancing on Ice next. Its like Alexei Sayle said, the brain is limited - you might learn something pointless and forget how to walk, or in your case to write.

Talking of Alexei Sayle trivia, why did Paul Foot mention his dad in on of his books?

Louisefeminista said...

Funny how you were watching the coverage of Anna Nicole Smith's death that brought on the bloggers bloc......

I think it is good to write as it does make you think things through but also you can write about anything you want as well. I'd leave for a couple of days as you won't get inspiration by forcing it (the mantra of, "I must blog", "I must blog." and so on)

Actually, I would be interested in what you have to say about Anais Nin as I have read some of her stuff and the Day After Tomorrow.

I mean, comrade, you can't get any lower than reviewing a load of rubbish like Primeval like I did....

You are thinking quality just don't push it and don't feel obliged to write everyday. Blog 'cos you want to.

Here endeth the lesson and now I am off to watch more top notch quality tv ...Eastenders..

Good luck...

Louisefeminista said...

PS: Geoff.... What is wrong with Dancing on Ice? It is cult viewing.
Oh yeah, watch trashy telly that usually inspires me to do something worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks comrades for your advice. I was going to force myself to blog about C4's 'Is God Green?' tonight but C had to hog the computer and DVD for a film assignment, so I banished myself to the kitchen to mope around and read some Bourdieu. But after a while I found myself drawn to the naff old laptop for a couple of games of Minesweeper and Patience and from there I slipped into Word, and hey presto out bubbled tonight's post.

Many thanks again.

PS Andy, I might take you up on the SUN offer sometime. I really enjoyed your post on Grenada btw.

Imposs1904 said...

Bloggers block always happens, Phil.

Just find a meme or survey to do to keep the blog ticking over, but if you're after suggestions for future posts, this particular leftist trainspotter - hi Geoff - would be fascinated to read a warts and all post on your time at the beating heart of the vanguard of the proletariat. I mean of course your time as a member of the CPGB/Weekly Worker.

Don't bother with the political analysis; just give us the gossip. ;-)

AN said...


The trivia question is becasue Sayle's dad was a witness for the prosecution in thr Hanratty case?

As discused on Osler's blog I am retired undeated trivia champeen of the SWOP!

AN said...

and worst speller/typist in blogland

AN said...


Please do consider jpoing the SUN blog team for the occasional post - it need not detract from this excellent blog

AN said...

oh yeah, where does the NJM leave the RDG's obsession with repunlicnaism!

Anonymous said...


If I had lawyers then you'd be hearing from them. I was never a member of the CPGB/Weekly Worker. I wasn't even a member of the real one.

What makes you think I was?

Anonymous said...

My apologies. I see now that Darren wasn't sugggesting that it was me who'd been in the current so-called "CPGB".

Dave said...


Wanna know how to blog every day? Whisky. The writer's only true friend. Ask Hitchens.


Jim Denham said...

Dave beat me to it...half a bottle of scotch.