Thursday, 8 February 2007

Fame at Last!

... well, of sorts. One of the reasons this blog has been slack this week is because I wrote a guest post for Dave Osler's blog.

When Dave asked me to compose something for his regular guest slot, I was both flattered and daunted. Flattered because what with the book, The `Part, and occasional Newsnight stints as a shipping expert, Dave’s a big celebrity these days. But daunted because making the case for the Socialist Party at a place frequented by many independent activists whose past experience of the SP/Militant is quite a difficult task. You can read my effort here.

Normal service will resume tonight. But that will be the last SP related post for a while. Well, the weekend at least. It's about time more PhD matters and other random musings got a look in.

Just to quickly note I've added Unknown Conscience to the counter-hegemonic blog bloc and there's every chance some others will pop up over the course of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Now that we know at least two of those nicked in Birmingham have been released without charge and one is quite rightly saying that Britain has become a police state for Muslims, can we now expect a statement from the SP?

twp77 said...

Thanks for the link Phil!