Monday 1 August 2022

Five Most Popular Posts in July

July saw record breaking temperatures, and as always the takes here were sizzling hot. But what commanded the attention this last month?

1. The RMT Leaves TUSC
2. Explaining the Tory Leadership Race
3. Who is Penny Mordaunt?
4. The Hard Right and the Far Right
5. Ambition Over Integrity

Splits and rumours of splits ruled the roost, as it were. It's been a long time since a "far left" news story was the top of this particular chart, but it did used to be this site's bread and butter in many ways. And enough people in the real world cared to drop into the blog and find out what happened. I've since found out the RMT's withdrawal had more to do with the shenanigans and positioning of internal union politicking than antipathy to this woefully dismal electoral vehicle, but that it constitutes a blow to a still born project and its main sponsor can't be denied. Onto the rumours, Tory divisions took up the rest of the month - exactly how it should be round these parts. Our number two spot explains the politics underpinning the Tory leadership race - this is marked by the conjunctural and structural crises afflicting the party, neither of which any of the candidates (including the final two) have barely the wit to recognise let alone address. Coming in at three we zeroed in on Penny Mordaunt, who was flavour of the week at one point and the favourite to win. With any luck we need not concern ourselves with her again. Then we had a very rough rule-of-analytical-thumb piece on differentiating the hard from the far right in the Tory party - a division Rish! Sunak is desperately trying to overcoming in his wrought candidature. And lastly we have a consideration of his and Sajid Javid's resignations from cabinet. The end of Boris Johnson had nothing to do with their "integrity".

Second chances are easy to dole out this month. It goes to last night's missive. As the labour movement are putting on muscle mass again, it behoves Tory watchers to keep an eye on their rhetoric and plans. And, predictably, Grant Shapps has a legislative hammer up his sleeve to bring workers in struggle to heel. And that's our lot. I can imagine August will have more Tory divisions, more Labour uselessness, and one or two events we can't possible forecast right now. If you haven't already, don't forget to follow the free weekly newsletter, and if you like what I do (and you're not skint), you can help support the blog too!

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