Thursday, 22 July 2021

Labour Leadership Vs Labour Staff

Comrades will have read about the Labour Party's cash crisis, or how in the space of 16 months the grown ups in the room turned a £13.5m reserve into just enough to cover one month's staff wages. How to make good the cash flow crisis? Why, by sacking people of course. Unfortunately for the leader and the general secretary, their plans leaked to the press before party employees could be spoken to about their fates, something they has to apologise for. 90 staff, or about a quarter of the apparat are due to be cut. And the staff? They're not happy, and they're not taking it lying down.

Extracted below are the statement and demands jointly arrived at by the party Unite and GMB branches. They starkly shows the callousness and cluelessness of our leadership, the inevitable flip side of high-minded and arrogant management. How can they be trusted to run a government when they can't even get the basics about their own party right?


Blissex said...

The labor unions have given Keir Starmer an opportunity to use their response as proof to his "sponsors" and his core constituency of how authentically New New Labour is anti-union and pro-employer, by offering such a mean deal for voluntary redundancy, that will be used as a ceiling by all other employers (but of course not for managers and directors).

Keir Starmer has proven again that he is a tough, decisive leader, just as when he fully pushed for hard brexit, endorsed property NIMBYsm, and asserted the right of the government to grant immunity to government agents committing crimes under order from the government, etc. etc. etc.

Alan Story said...


I have just flashed this message across 25 FB groups:


The workers know best. Boy, do they ever!


It is doing very well.