Wednesday 3 February 2021

Bucks Fizz - Land of Make Believe

Retconning old pop tunes as weapons of class struggle is legit nostalgia-tinged culture war praxis. But little did I know that Land of Make Believe by Bucks Fizz, an act I've always had down as solidly Tory is ... an anti-Thatcher anthem. Shiver me timbers and punch the air with one hundred red salutes. Well, we live in the timeline where The Vengaboys turned out to be comrades, so adding this to our pantheon of socialist tunes is entirely a guilt-free pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Dunno about Tory, but of course Jay Aston was a Brexit Party candidate at the last GE.

Anonymous said...

The lyrics were not written by the band but by Peter Sinfield who is an old hippy type who had written lyrics for various prog rock bands most notably King Crimson. I've no idea how they are supposed to be political but yes, apparently they were anti-Thatcher.