Sunday 7 June 2020

New Left Media June 2020

Another month and another wave of new left media. Enjoy!

1. Dawn Butler (Twitter)

2. Momentum Internationalists (Twitter)

3. Olly Haynes (Twitter)

4. Questions from Workers Who Read (Twitter)

5. The Mark Thomas Podcast (Twitter)

6. The Sociology Show (Twitter)

If you know of any new(ish) blogs, podcasts, channels, Facebook pages or whatever that haven't featured before then drop me a line via the comments, email, Facebook, or Twitter. Please note I'm looking for blogs etc. that have started within the last 12 months or thereabouts. The new media round up appears hereabouts when there are enough new entrants to justify a post!

1 comment:

Jon Hegerty said...

I think Keir Starmer's response today is really revealing. In his (and other bureaucrats) world, politics is something done calmly and soberly by qualified white men in suits sitting in Gothic palaces staffed by other men in funny costumes. The thought that politics might be done by mass social movements in the street is genuinely terrifying to them - it is a direct attack on their control and their power.

Who didn't watch that yesterday and feel joyous and excited and hopeful? And, if people didn't feel that, what did they feel?