Friday 1 August 2014

When Genocide is Permissible

Never. Well, sometimes. Or at least thinking aloud about it is okay. Why else would The Times of Israel publish such a thing? They may have removed it in short order, but as we know once things get on the internet ...

Yochanan Gordon's execrable screed shits on the memory of his ancestors. I am loathe to bring up history, but someone else once justified the extermination of Europe's Jews in terms of securing the national well-being of his people. Yet Gordon has done the world a service. By putting his thoughts down on paper, as it were, he has distilled the barbarism consuming Israel. The "facts" are crap, but the facts do not matter. The 800 or so words articulate a feeling, an impulse.

As Paul notes, Israel is founded on existential crisis, has fought three life-or-death wars, and is incapable of reconciling itself to the responsibility it has for the present state of affairs. That crisis runs through the Israeli body politic like gangrene. Sometimes quiet, very occasionally dormant, at other times the infection surges. The moments of apparent health increasingly fleeting, the periods of high fever ever more lengthy and tending toward permanency. See how Gordon invokes the idea Israel is under siege, that the West - who, as we know, offer muted criticism at best and munitions at worst - doesn't "understand" and doesn't care, that Gaza incubates anti-semitism and genocide of Jewish people, and how the home-made mortars and rockets of Hamas are statements of eradication. The kind of language, the hysteria, the poisoned collective consciousness of the Israeli Jewish majority is only a shade less bloodcurdling than North Korea's. The difference being North Korea faces a blockade by the world's most powerful nation. Israel, however, enforces a blockade with America's blessing. The Stalinist kingdom arguably faces a siege. Israel is carrying one out.

The poison of Israeli politics reflects its institutional set up as an occupying power. The capacity of the likes of Netanyahu - and worse - to talk up, to exaggerate threat and have it accepted is founded on this basic fact of Israel's existence. Just as racism elsewhere doesn't drop from the sky, so it is here too.

If a descendent of holocaust survivors arguing for genocide isn't irony enough, the further awful twist is the destruction of Gaza and the murder of its people is creating future enemies of Israel, some of whom - by its actions today - could pose it an existential threat tomorrow. History tends to show bloodshed does little to stymie bloodshed.


Phil said...

And whaddya know, the coward has retracted. That's alright then. Calling for genocide was a slip of the pen, an accident of mis-speaking.


SarahABUK said...

The post was absolutely shocking, but it's worth noting that the Times of Israel operates more like a blog, i.e. without (I understand) editorial control, and the piece was pulled very quickly.

Gary Elsby said...

Israel ceases to exist without US financial support and military back-up.

1. Why did Woodrow Wilson intervene in WW1
2. Why did FDR intervene in WW2
3. Who were the NSDP actually against from 1920 onwards?


Phil said...

Quite right, Gary. Your questions, however, are a touch cryptic. Care to elucidate further?

Gary Elsby said...

Freemasonry is a subject clouded in accusations and denials at every level but with clues everywhere from city design to currency notes and elevated people furthered by membership, including Presidents.

In both world wars, the USA was isolationist and pacifist with no intention of involvement in European wars not in their interest.
Go back to George Washington (freemason) and the British abandonment of the colony (they say they won) and the expansion of the Empire via Australia, New Zealand etc..
The British deal, via freemasonry was quite simple, white Anglo Saxon Protestant.
Chinese, Germans and Catholics out, each easily becoming the dominant force in the new Country. JFK overturned the last bit but the lot was assassinated anyway. Order restored.

Blackmail on Wilson was apparently a key motivator in deciding to involve the USA in the first European war and alleged to have been undertaken by high placed Jewish financiers (freemason).The plan was to begin the set up of Israel post 1918.
There are so many conspiracy theories around FDR that it is a minefield to travel through, such as Pearl Harbour. A timely miracle that all aircraft carriers put to sea hours before the attack and opposition senators disappearing, presumed dead. The upshot is the formation of a USA Empire including the Israeli State knocking GB out of the picture.
Again Freemasons take the biggest part.
Hitler's Germany blamed the Freemason/Jews/Freemasons/Jews for the collapse of the Kaiser's army on the front by the attacks on supplies back home.
Reds, Communists, Socialist, Jews and Freemasons were seen as all the same with the returning army killing them on the streets to order.
Hitler wanted the lot gone and said so in many public speeches.
He did just that.
Freemasons out, Jews out...
He saw the long arms of 'Jewry and Freemasonry' as being one and the same with far reaching tentacles which by-passed National Governments diverting money away from Capital projects and into self sustaining plans to further Freemasonry and Jewry.
Hitler saw this as not being in the best interests of his Country and unemployed Aryan race.
He wanted a Nationalist but Socialist Country with full employment with indisputable benefits for his Country.
He succeeded.
Around the world, leading Nazis were frustrated with their failures of which they accused Freemasons and Jews, even if it took some time to do so.
Who are the 'friends of Israel'?

Speedy said...

I still don't understand what this has got to do with freemasonry....

There is a case of a genuine freemasonry conspiracy - the P2 Lodge, which was set up by a former fascist and linked to the Vatican Bank, Mafia, Calvi, and ultimately suspected murder of Pope John Paul 1.

However i think this is the exception rather than the rule.

Conspiracies do exist but i doubt many are hatched in the snug of the Freemason's Arms.

Gary Elsby said...

Dismissing Freemasonry and any links to international financiers which involves Israel (or Jews worldwide)is to dismiss Adolph Hitler as a no mark or bit player of history during the 20th Century.
To be honest, many people do and find refuge in demonising him as a 'nut'.
That is their prerogative but it is patently stupid to do so.
This man embraced everyone and everything across Europe, recruiting many to his cause.
To suggest Freemasonry is a nothing and has nothing to do with current situations would require proof from both sides of the argument.
Hitler had his proof and ran with it.
Israel today gets away with it and ignores all UN resolutions along the way with little or no retaliation from that UN.
I neither know that this is true or can prove it but I don't discard it either.
A major part of world history was played out during the period of 1933 (Japan/China) until the fall of Germany and Japan 1945.
To dismiss without a thought one of the driving factors is so historically bad and mad, that we may end up repeating it.