Thursday 29 August 2013

The Evidence Against Syria

There are the five tests Ed Miliband has published this evening as conditions to be met for Labour's backing in the Commons. I reproduce them here for information:
1) We must let the UN weapons inspectors do their work and report to the UN Security Council;

2) There must be compelling and internationally-recognised evidence that the Syrian regime was responsible for the chemical weapons attacks;

3) The UN Security Council should debate and vote on the weapons inspectors' findings and other evidence. This is the highest forum of the world's most important multilateral body and we must take it seriously;

4) There should be a clear legal basis in international law for taking military action to protect the Syrian people;

5) Any military action must be time limited, it must have precise and achievable objectives and it must have regard for the consequences of the future impact on the region.


Gary Elsby said...

Strange that.
I would have thought that at the scene of the chemical weapon attack a sign saying:

'Courtesy of President Assad and my murderous regime'.

Since the Iraq multiple inquiries (yawn) adventure by amateur apologists, we now have a situation of caution and calls for the Prime Minister to resign.

I think this is because the biggest talking shop in the world( we have the bombs to prove it)acknowledges a slender majority of a dozen.

Let's be clear, the Tories will return to the fold on request.
Miliband will look the 'regimes friend'.

Wars and civil wars advance their respective theatres by producing as much social pain as possible and atrocities come every other week.

Miliband will be destroyed on the next atrocity.

Cameron will take control and send bombs without a second glance.

Phil said...

And the basis for these set of suppositions are?