Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Top 100 Worst Blogs Update

It's a close run thing. Just who will come out top in the 2010 AVPS poll of the UK's worst political blogs? Can a Tory or so-called libertarian grab the prize? Will fratricidal warfare on the left see one of its own take the crown? Could the LibDem blogosphere get noticed for once? We've seen some fierce battles for the title here and many a blogger has pleaded for the support of their following, and now the competition is nearing its climax. The anticipation is making me go weak at the knees ... and I know you too, dear readers, are on the edge of your seats. It's almost all over. There are now less than 24 hours to go before the polls close at midnight, so here's a reminder on how to make your voice heard!

* Rank order the ten blogs you love to hate. Number one will get ten points, number two nine points, etc.

* Only one set of votes per person.

* No anonymous voting.

* Nominate at least
three blogs. Votes with less will be discounted.

* Votes can either be cast in the comments box or confidentially at top100worst at

As I've said before a conflict of interest prevents me from taking any votes for this blog ;) Still, there's plenty more crap blogs readers can choose from.

Results and analysis will be posted on September 1st.


Savannah said...


Love the blog. great job.

You are invited to follow my blog. I think you would like it.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Only if you vote Savannah...

Kevin said...

OK, at least three votes:

1. Harry's Place
Like a group therapy session on the day when Nurse Ratched isn't on duty

2. The Spittoon
The out-patients department of Harry's Place

3. Liberal Conspiracy
Like the noticeboard of a polytechnic sociology department, circa 1989

Er.. that's it.

Anonymous said...

1. Harry's Place
A hate site which might even make Avigdor Lieberman blush.

2. Socialist Unity aka Stalinist Unity
Desperate, self-important reactionary tosh -- gives meaning to the proverb 'if you lie down with Stalinists, you will get up with the fleas'.

3. The Exile
Misogynist, seaside-porno-postcard trash. Almost certainly has issues with his mam. Racist, homophobic bigot to boot.

Kuching Hitam

andy newman said...

This was posted by mistake at SU

10 points - Ian Dale - totally up himself and frankly dull, removed from my rss feed. thinks he is funny but not and totally does not get the idea of becoming an mp by being linked to a constituency rather than touring round till he finds one that will accept him

9 points - guido fawkes - read above x 10 but not a tory so divide by 11 and does not seem at the moment to want to stand for the commons. utter moron with very little worthwhile to say

8 - tory bear - read above ala ian dale but does not post as much so only gets 8

7 - Nick Robinson - nothing original to say and almost as biased as sky news. dull dull dull. does not understand political campaigning what so ever but seems to think he is clever because he has friends in the right areas.

Comment by A Gilmore — 11 August, 2010 @ 4:42 pm |Edit This

Will said...

1)Devils Kitchen -- (any bloggertarain blog at all could be inserted here really but that particular piece of shit needs to have his head introduced to some building materials -- such as bricks for example).

2) Harry's Place -- where do you start? Fuck it -- haven't got the time. Repugnant tossers one and all. Utter horseshit squeezed out of a horseshit machine. Vile shit.

3) Liberal Conspiracy -- it is like a black hole of fuckking stupid the density of which wood collapse the universe. And that video of Hundal's 'flasH moB' (ha ha ha ha). he really is fuckking Nathan fuckking Barley. Really he is.

Ceiliog said...

Dylan Jones-Evans, Chairman of the Welsh Conservatives' Economic Commission.
Total B-Ark.

Anonymous said...

Oh, OK. 3 votes it is.

1. Lenin's Tomb.
An insipid combination of self-promotion and self-promotion, with a spot of self-promotion thrown in for good measure.

2. Socialist Unity
Moar liek "Stalinist disunity", amirite? This site's like a traffic accident. You shouldn't watch it, but you can't help yourself.

3. Guido Fawkes
Because a Tory is a Tory is a Tory.

andy newman said...

I am bracing myself for a high placing in this poll!

Anonymous said...

Lenin's Tomb - tendentious verbose wank.

Socialist (Dis)Unity - utter shite.

Islamophobia Watch - more like Islamistphobia Watch

Phil said...

Sorry Anon, you fall foul of the expiry time!

That's it for this year. Don't forget to tune in on September 1st for the results.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Bugger, 1st September? I'm on holiday then with scant Internets. Oh well, will look forward to results with bated breath...

Anonymous said...

1) Tory Bear

2) Iain Dale

3) Guido Fawkes

4) Dizzy Thinks

Utter piss arse

Anonymous said...

1) Socialist Unity

2) Hope Not Hate... (So ridiculously one sided in it's spotlight of those perpetrating bigoted information, it's become simply unbearable to read)

3) Councillor Terry Kelly blogspot.