Sunday, 25 April 2010

Blog Theme Tune

I can't believed I missed this meme which was knocking about a couple of weeks ago. The simple premise is find a theme tune that fits your blog. Tbh, this is much more difficult than it sounds. Originally I was tempted by this oft-overlooked camp classic, but AVPS has been there already. So, after much umming and ahhing I've managed to whittle it down to two: one old song, one new.

First up:

Second is number 20 in what was my hotly anticipated (yeah, right) Top 100 dance songs of the 00s. It's long, so if you can't be bothered to listen to it all whizz forward to 1:41 and stay patient for the piano at 2:40. Utter trancey brilliance:

So there you have two tracks. One that, erm ... is a protest against workplace drudgery, and another that evokes the sublime beauty of the socialist society to come. Yeah, yeah, I know - tenuous bordering on the arbitrary. So what theme tune should self-respecting bolshevist bloggers adopt? What would you have for your blog? Let's tag Darren, Louise, Jim, Dave, Paul and Family, Splinty, Stropps, Anna, and Red Maria.


Phil said...

I liked the first couple of minutes of that trance track - quite Sven Väth-y - but I got bored after about five minutes, when it became clear that the singer wasn't going to shut up (when I want to hear that many words I listen to folk music). Made me want to go and play some Goldie. That piano break is stunning, though - a bit reminiscent of this from Ultravox!'s last album, back in 1978 (dear God I'm old).

skidmarx said...

Kill The King?
Perhaps an ex-bolshevist blogger might prefer this.

Anonymous said...

Martha and the Muffins? Good call. Weren't there two Marthas at the start, and none at the end?

Dave Semple said...

I have responded to the call.

Phil said...

I knew you would. Lefties can't resist showing off their music taste :D