Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My Manifesto

I'm sure you won't mind granting me this moment of indulgence, especially as it means I get a short break from writing 'heavy' posts. Last month I put my name forward for the secretaryship of the Keele Postgraduate Association, truly a mighty organ of class struggle. The rules of the contest required me to put together a manifesto and attend hustings at our newly refurbed KPA bar. I planned my campaign, located a ready supply of muck to fling at my opponent and filmed an election broadcast for the BBC. But just as battle was about to be joined I realised something else would have to give. So instead of stomping all over the opposition I meekly sent off a notice of withdrawal ... but not before I'd written my manifesto. For some reason a few Keele election anoraks have expressed an interest in seeing it, so rather than spending precious time emailing it to them separately I thought I'd stick it up here. After reading this, would you have trusted me with your note-taking needs?

Under the rules of the KPA I’m required to put together a manifesto telling you why you should vote for me on the 19th of this month. But what can I say? I can’t promise the transformation of the KPA into a red base from which Keele postgrads can foment global revolution. I can’t pretend my election will usher in a golden age of honey for everyone either. But I will guarantee to:

  • Work toward improving the efficiency, accuracy and transparency of the KPA’s administrative operations.
  • Work to raise the visibility of the KPA on campus.
  • Encourage wider participation in the KPA – activities, elections, general meetings and KPA-sponsored campaigns.
  • Work toward building more links with KUSU, the UCU and other campus-based staff organisations.
  • Work with the rest of the KPA committee to realise these objectives.

I realise most of you reading this don’t know me from Adam. As attractive as my photo is I wouldn’t expect you to vote for me just because of my boyish good looks. Instead you should vote for me on the basis of my experience.

As an editorial assistant on a well-known academic journal I am used to discharging a wide variety of administrative duties in a timely fashion. I’ve also held elected office as a shop steward in a local trade union, where I developed a good reputation for standing up for members of staff. I was also the secretary for the North Staffs NHS-SOS campaign, which, among other things, involved producing accurate minutes of some very fractious meetings!

I have been at Keele since 2003, first as a part-time sessional teacher, then as a Masters student, and now as someone writing up their PhD. I know Keele, I know the issues that matter at Keele and I know how these can impact on postgraduate life. If you elect me as your secretary you know you’ve supported someone committed to making the structures of the KPA as responsive to the requirements of the members as possible.

On the 19th, vote for me, Phil BC, for your Keele Postgrad … secretary!


Paul said...

I always thought I knew where I might bump into you, crikey more guest ale please!

brother g said...

Are these the elections that noone apart from those still around over summer were told about? Truly democracy in action.

You should have ran anyway though, PhD be damned!

Peter M. said...

You seem to have degenerated into petit-bourgeois reformism. Sad thing :P