Sunday 27 April 2008

Meme-Tastic II: The 'Last' Meme

A very simple meme this one. Ideal for when you have no time for blogging but still want to show the world you haven't lapsed into hibernation.

1) What was the last 1980s song you heard?
(I Just) Died in Your Arms - Cutting Crew. What is it with Nick van Eede's flasher mac?

2) What was the last thing you saw on Youtube?
Darth Vader covering Chocolate Rain (Don't ask).

3) What was the last entry on Wikipedia you viewed?
Atari ST

4) What was the last computer/video game you completed all the way through?
Nemesis on the Nintendo DS.

5) What did you last pig out on?
I had a whole apple crumble to myself this tea time. I'm not ill yet.

6) What is the last undeleted text message on your mobile phone?
Just arrived in burslem, where do i find you? I'm on duncalf street by the gymnastics place

7) When did you last have a conversation with someone other than a family member?
Yesterday in B&M's in Hanley. It was about refusing to serve booze to a drunken customer (that customer was not I).

8) Aside from where you live, what is the last village/town/city you visited?

9) What was the last competition you won?
I won a tenner a couple of weeks ago on the lottery (does that count?)

10) What are the last three blogs you visited?
Luke Akehurst, Lenin's Tomb, Socialist Unity.

I hereby tag Jim Jay, Stropps, Noel, Leftwing Criminologist, Roobin and Air Pollution


Phil said...

Very sorry for forgetting Darren. We all know he goes weak at the knees for meme-related distractions from the class struggle.

Adam Marks said...

This reminds me. I'm thinking of doing a pointless Facebook quiz apps list. Something along the lines of:

Arse or Elbow?
Wig, Not Wig?
What kind of Hanseatic Port are you?
What kind of lightbulb joke are you?

And so forth.

Imposs1904 said...

" . . . he goes weak at the knees for meme-related distractions from the class struggle."

Ouch Phil,

that's harsh. Something I said? ;-)

All I can say by way of reply is that according to the answers to your meme, the last YouTube clip you viewed was 'Darth Vader covering Chocolate Rain', whereas my answer to the same question was 'Howard Zinn on the Ludlow Massacre'.

Can I collect my special prize now? What do you mean it's the collected writings of Peter Taaffe? I don't want it. I'm still stuck on chapter 7 of Ted Grant's 'The Unbroken Thread'.

Luke Akehurst said...

Stop visiting spoof sites and come to the real thing instead.

Anonymous said...

What were you doing in Crewe then? Just curious as it's where I grew up?

Phil said...

Maybe I was scouting round for the forthcoming parliamentary by-election. Or perhaps I was in a car that gave a new Stoke SP comrade a lift home. Or maybe it was a combination of both these things. Who can say?

stroppybird said...

I'll do mine a bit later.

btw, not seen you on facebook scrabble for a while :-(

Anonymous said...

stroppybird - he's well known for being an fb scrabble avoider. We're all so much better than him you see.

Frank Partisan said...

What was the last movie you saw?