Monday, 1 January 2007

Ten Resolutions

Happy new year! Please forgive me as I follow the herd and post up my resolutions for 2007!

1) Give up the bad food. I started 2006 so promisingly but rapidly fell into the trap of eating crap for a variety of reasons. Not this year! Out goes the cookies, flapjacks and what have you. Hello fresh veg, pasta, fish and sawdust.

2) Exercise more. I used to go swimming at least three times a week, but that slipped during the course of the last year. No more. Tomorrow I will be heading to the pool to renew my membership and no doubt I'll be shocked at my condition after I've swum my first length. I last went in May.

3) Do more work. An aspiration I reckon most academics, erm, aspire to. This means reorganising my time at home and in the office so there's more time for reading and writing, and less time for Minesweeper.

4) Be active! Well, in the activist sense. I think I've done a heap of stuff for the Socialist Party this year but it has slipped these last couple of months as the workload has piled up and my usual activist day has been swallowed by my interview schedule. If I manage to work well during this I should be able to avoid this happening. This is necessary too, there are plenty of opportunities for our party in Stoke if we can organise to make the most of them.

5) Deal or No Deal - must ... resist ... the compulsion ... to ... watch ...

6) Keep reading loads. I must've read about 120 books this last year along with countless papers, journals and so on. I'll still be using the bus and train heaps so no danger of slipping here.

7) Got to join the British Sociological Association.

8) Stop putting off to tomorrow what can be done today!

9) Academic conferences aplenty are coming up this year. I aim to be at some, and I'll be presenting something at one in 19 days time. Help!

10) Keep on bloggin'!

Have you made any?


Catherine said...

8) Stop putting off to tomorrow what can be done today!

I take it that includes doing the pots my dear?

Louisefeminista said...

oh well, happy new year to you...

Not a big fan of new year's resolutions as I can't see the point.

But on the exercise thingie I have been slack lately due to physical injuries so must get back into the routine of going to the gym 3 times a week. It is so easy to fall out of routine.

Good luck with the swimming though. You can do it comrade.....

Phil said...

Thanks Louise. I guess us revolutionaries have a duty to stay for the cause, lol.

Phil said...

That was supposed to say 'stay fit'. Duh.

helen said...

Happy New Yr Comrade Phil. Love the idea that you are going 2 discipline yourself further, and guiltily makes me feel as if I should take a fews out of your book, of course without plagiarising. Jed and I have vowed to cycle....a distance of course, at least twice a week.

Have only just found your site and must say, as of course would be expected, that it is absolutely great, very well written, informative and highly entertaining.


Hope you got this on hard copy lol

Regards as always comrade Helen

Phil said...

Well I'll be sure to hold you and Jed to it, Helen. I've got a diary and I'm not afraid to record your cycling trips! ;)

Glad you like the blog too. Thanks!