Sunday, 17 December 2006

Communist Party at Loz's House

Stoke's progressives converged on Loz's gaff for the annual Socialist Party xmas do. In the biggest left party this side of Margaret Thatcher's death SP comrades got very social with assorted NUJ bureaucrats, Labour bods, a delegation from Spain and everyday Stoke folk.

In the best traditions of News of the World I made my excuses and left early. But when I did it was shaping up to be something of a corker.

In my circulation around the soiree I learned one of our comrades had been approached by the LibDems to stand for them in May. He was all for telling them to bugger off. But hold on a moment I thought, why doesn't he accept their invitation but insists on standing in Abbey Hulton? Once his nomination has been accepted by the party he could conveniently forget to file the relevant papers with the council so the Abbey would miss the opportunity to vote for a yellow candidate and clear the field for us. Worryingly he seemed quite receptive to the criminal subversion of the electoral process!

Other heady topics included the usual lefty gossip, McDonnell campaign happenings, the Suttons and my conversion to sartorial socialism. The music was stylishly provided by comrades Loz and Miles of the NUJ, brother Cessford of Manchester SP and were followed by a sing-along acoustic set.

Another highlight was my discovery of a hitherto unknown culinary wonder. You know those minging 4-sauce dips you can get from most supermarkets? It's always puzzled me why people buy them because they're often overlooked at buffets. Cheese and chive gets mixed up with the seafood sauce and other people's food detritus. Nice! Well that wasn't the case last night. The tasty solution are carrot sticks! I couldn't believe how well the humble root vegetable combined with the dips. It almost made up for the lack of cheese and pineapple on sticks ;)

Highlights I missed out on were the magician(!), scandalous occurrences, the fighting fund whip-around and cde Helen's come down from the paralytic heights she'd reached.

But it was a superb party. Don't ever let it be said that socialism is a grey affair.


Anonymous said...

It's quite clear, Phil, that you haven't ever been to either an SWP or Workers Power party.

Your SP shindig was, I have to say, rather tame by comparison.

No offence.

Anonymous said...

(And to be fair you weren't offence.)

It did get quite magnificently out of hand later on with some of the EU visitors having to be carried out and put to bed after a severe vodka binge.

The post-match analysis on sunday turned into another drinking session.

A textbook house party, marred only by my lack of memory over who has paid and who hasn't - I will be circling at the branch like a shark next week.

Thank god I took today off as well.


Anonymous said...

Ah Kit, I HAVE been to a Workers Power party. It was about 9 years ago in a squat somewhere in London. The occasion was REVO's founding conference. I can't remember if there was booze about but certain kinds of herbal ciggies were abound. Talking to Rich Brenner about degenerate(d) workers' states has never been so fun!

And Lozza, you are a naughty man for skivin'.

Did Mand handed me dosh over?