Monday, 20 September 2021

The Politics of AUKUS

Yet again, more excellent commentary from Politics Theory Other. The tripartite pact between Australia, the UK, and the United States (and the subsequent freezing out of France) with the aim of containing China has, understandably, stoked the fears of a new cold war. As Paul Rogers rightly argues in his interview, this might be a warning to Beijing that the Anglo-Saxon powers are back in business, but also the arms manufacturers need their military Keynesianism and all three governments get props (they think) from looking tough on the world stage. A virtuous political circle, in other words. In his contribution, David Brophy argues this is unlikely to disrupt the trading relationship between Australia and China yet, though notes that despite the latter being the country's largest partner by trade volumes the actual proportion of domestic capital dependent on strong Chinese links is nothing compared to the UK and US interests that dominate the economy. A case then of the National/Liberal coalition government knowing which side their bread is buttered, and throwing their lot in with their big brothers overseas.

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  1. This is a direct result of the genocide of the 'native' population and stocking the area with white anglo saxons.

    Today, that genocide is not even history, in fact to mention it brings people to laughter, "like get over it mate, that was ages ago".

    In which one option for China is this, invade, exterminate and repopulate with Chinese people.

    And in, say a few hundred years time, people will laugh and say, "that is ancient history and as Confucius say, don't let the grass grow while thinking about the lilies"


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