Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The UK's 100 Worst Political Blogs

While Iain is currently rattling off the annual Top 100 politics blogs, it's time to look at the real stinkers polluting political blogland. This list was compiled from those who voted in the 100 Worst UK Politics Blogs poll that ran between 10th July and 11th August. There have been a few exclusions: three BNP blogs were voted on, but as this blog has a policy of not allowing them space they were duly excised. A couple of American blogs were nominated too. *Sigh*, some folks are incapable of following simple rules. And readers may note my refusal to name one top 20 blog. The description in its place is all I'm going to say on the matter.

In case someone gets a touch upset or takes their inclusion personally, here's the usual disclaimer: this list doesn't necessarily reflect my own views. There are some excellent blogs in the mix that shouldn't be there, so blink away the tears and think of the modest boost to your Wikio ratings.

Without further ado, here's the (steaming) hot one hundred:

Conservative Party Reptile
Hopi Sen
Burning Our Money
Liberal England
Norman Geras
Through the Scary Door
Oona King
Chris Paul: Labour of Love
Alex Hilton
Bob Piper
Melanie Phillips
Byrne Tofferings
Nosemonkey's EUtopia
David Miliband
Mr Eugenides
Raincoat Optimism
Bracknell Blog
Everyone's Favourite Comrade
The F Word
Michael's Thought for the Day
Mars Hill
Solomon's Mindfield
Mike Ion
Modernity Blog
Richard D North
The Salted Slug
John Redwood's Diary
Donal Blaney
Tim Roll-Pickering
Leftwing Criminologist
Back Towards the Locus
The Stilettoed Socialist
Edmund Standing
Martin Kelly
Rantin' Rab
Daniel Hannan
Pickled Politics
Chicken Yogurt
Shot By Both Sides
Butterflies and Wheels
Duff and Nonsense
Nick Robinson's Newsblog
Though Cowards Flinch
Mac Uaid
Islamophobia Watch
Who Goes Home?
Welsh Bloggers
Al Jahom's Final Word
Elliott Joseph
Luke Akehurst
Benedict Brogan
The Exile
Blurred Clarity
spEak You're bRanes
Aaronovitch Watch
Craig Murray
Andrew Allison
Archbishop Cranmer
Freedom Central
Nile Gardiner
TaxPayers' Alliance
David Osler
Bickerstaffe Record
The Lone Voice
Liberal Smithy
Blairy England
The Very Fluffy Diary of Millennium Dome, Elephant
Dylan Jones-Evans
Mr Civil Libertarian
Penny Red
The Spittoon
Cllr Terry Kelly
Tom Harris MP
Anna Raccoon
The Devil's Knife
Dick Puddlecote
Tax Research UK
Boatang and Demetriou
Old Holborn
Thanet Life
Nadine Dorries
Shiraz Socialist
James Delingpole
12) A particularly litigious blogger I refuse to link to.
Tory Bear
Liberal Conspiracy
Socialist Unity
Dizzy Thinks
Lenin's Tomb
Alastair Campbell
Obnoxio the Clown
Tim Worstall
Iain Dale's Diary
Harry's Place

And the number one as voted by the great AVPS-reading public? A blog truly worthy of the title of the UK's worst:

For the lies, the awful politics, the nastiness, the smugness, the comment boxes, the cartoons (the cartoons!), and despite the best efforts of his stable mates on the "libertarian" hard right, Paul "Guido Fawkes" Staines' stinking turd of a blog is in a league of its very own. So, well done Paul. You are the Grand Poobah. The King of Crud. The Sultan of Shite. The Duke of Dump. If you keep your execrable standards up you're in with a good chance of winning next year!


Anonymous said...

Well... I didn't manage to make it into any of the good ones... and I see I didn't make any of the bad ones....

Where on Earth does that leave me....?


Nich Starling said...

I looked and looked and I wasn't there. I knew I should post articles more often !

Tom said...

That has to be Donal Blaney in at number twelve, allegedly, I heard, possibly.

Mr Civil Libertarian said...

Only 29?

You fucking cunts.

Julian Ware-Lane said...

I am no fan of Guido either, and I am glad that I have escaped your top 100. Mind you, there are quite a few blogs there that I quite enjoy!

Will said...

wot a waste of energy.

Blogger cunTs have been saying the same old shit for 30 years or more. They just didn't have the internet to do it on and they have not learned a single thing outside of their own specialties (for specialties read; shit and cretinistic arseholeness). Bloggers lack the necessary intellectual sophistication to grapple with the full range of social and ideological phenomena. Bloggers are all cunts. Some more so than others but nonetheless -- they are all cunts.

Sunny Hundal said...

Only number 10! pah! We must try harder... :(

septicisle said...

It seems I must be doing something wrong.

dizzy said...

Fucking eighth? EIGHTH??? Bastards.

Adam Marks said...

Ha! I don't know what's worst, coming first or ninety seventh.

BenSix said...

Worse than Donal Blaney!

Does this mean someone else voted for me apart from, er - me?

Brendan Montague said...

There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that's not being talked about...

scott redding said...

Is there a Marmite top 25 of people on both the top 100 list of good bloggers and top 100 of worst ones?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Mr Miller, Blaney's at 72. :o)

Thanks for all the hate, cuntards ... it's been surreal! :o)

He's Spartacus said...

Ignored again.... Ho hum....

I am not without underworld connections, you know.

Timdog said...

Can you run an award for ugliest blog? Perhaps a special "scrolling makes you instantly nauseous" subsection?

This blog would win that by a cuntry mile.

Anonymous said...

Number 85 - wooo, finally I'm famous

John Demetriou said...

I thought I'd take the time to mention that we would probably count in the eyes of the left as a 'hard right' nasty lunatic blog, but we also happen to despise Guido for precisely the reasons offered by the author of this blog.

Also noted the slight irony in achieving a very similar ranking here to the top 20 rankings for Libertarian blogs.

No accounting for taste.

Old Holborn said...


Number 18 !!


Harry Cole said...


Obnoxio The Clown said...

What's the matter Will? Didn't you get anywhere in Mrs Dale's competition? :o)

Anonymous said...

I think you'd be hard pressed to call Nadine Dorries' site a blog.

Vladimir said...

I second what Demetriou says. I think dislike of Guido is one of the few things we can all agree on, regardless of our politics. Great to see him in the #1 spot.

Jonathan Calder said...

97 with a bullet.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Terry Kelly is seriously underestimated in this poll.

Maybe he should have a category all to himself?

Danny Law said...

oh dear - the left are throwing their toys out the pram again

if guido is so bad - how come so many people read him everyday - or are we his readers 'hard right too'

or is it that the left just love calling people names if anyone dares to disagree with them

- you can see how Stalin got going cant you - crush all resistance !!!!

Phil said...

Millions of people have read Mills and Boon, bought Elton John's tribute to Diana, and think the X Factor is great. That doesn't stop all these things from being utterly shit.

john b said...

Had a bit of a double take when "Shot by both sides" was listed, then I remembered the tedious McCarthy.

Anonymous said...

@Danny Law

"if guido is so bad - how come so many people read him everyday"

So by your logic, the Sun is a good newspaper?

Demetrius said...

At least it passes the time. As well as other things.

Robert Pitt said...

"So by your logic, the Sun is a good newspaper?"

It is regarded as such by those who read it. And if you think what they do is easy, you try summing up the who, what, where, when and how of a global news story in 15 words or less, all of two syllables or less.

It must be difficult being a trot and an elitist, yet somehow, so many of you manage it.


"Millions of people have read Mills and Boon, bought Elton John's tribute to Diana, and think the X Factor is great. That doesn't stop all these things from being utterly shit."

You elitist git.

Millions of people enjoy Mills and Boon etc. You are not the arbiter of what is and is not shit. You are free to express your opinion, but when you do you should remember that when you criticise the "shit" you criticise those who enjoy it.

Perhaps that explains why the elitist left are such an innefective political group - you hate your constituency, and they, in turn, despise you and your your snobbery.

Phil said...

Get over yourself you miserable arse. I don't claim to speak for anyone but myself and have never presented anything on here than being more than my opinion. You're free to have a roam through the archives to find evidence of snobbery, but you'll be a long time groping about.

Charles Crawford said...

The people who voted in this survey are losers.

Fine if they want to have a swipe at Guido. But why has Tim Worstall been voted as one of the UK's very Worst Political Blogs?

Look at this deft entry today:

Interesting, thoughtful, taking on some complex subjects and casting what purports to be established wisdom in a new light.

If perceptive blogs like this are seen by your readers as the bad ones, blimey.

How many people voted, by the way? Should not even militant twisted sociologists reveal their basic research data?

Phil said...

Erm ... because Tim Worstall encouraged his readers to vote for him?

Effendi said...

26th worst!. Woohoo!

And I thought we were a specialist interest blog.

Curmudgeon said...

Hasn't Donal Blaney closed his blog down anyway?

Phil said...

Looks like he has. There are a few blogs on the list that have fallen by the way side, so think of it as an 'all-time' list. When it's run again next year the rules will be tightened up.

Jim Denham said...

Just out of interest, who ran this "100 worst political blogs"? And how was the result calculated? And is coming 14th better or worse, than coming (say) 94th?

Heike Vogt said...

At first I was confused ... all my heroes (Eugenides, Delingpole ... ah, what a dream threesome that would be!!!) under the headline "Worst political blogs".

But then I saw your link entitled "The Left Case for Ed Miliband" and all became clear.

I hope you recover soon.

modernity said...


And I was hoping to come into the top 10 worst blogs, still I have good company :)

Robert Pitt said...


"Millions of people have read Mills and Boon, bought Elton John's tribute to Diana, and think the X Factor is great. That doesn't stop all these things from being utterly shit."

"Get over yourself you miserable arse. I don't claim to speak for anyone but myself and have never presented anything on here than being more than my opinion."

Put these two thoughts together and you get an elitist snob. You did not say that you thought these things were shit.

You said they were utterly shit.

In doing so you criticised the millions of people who enjoy them.

This seems to be beyond your capacity to understand so I will repeat it. If you criticise something someone else enjoys these things, you criticise them.

What you seem unable to understand is that the fact that it is because millions of people chose to read or listen to these things, makes them good. It is what they are for. Nobody forces anyone to buy them. For the three million people who read the Sun, it is a good newspaper.

Let us compare that to Weekly Worker.

In this issue, the first sentence of the first story, a report o a cricket match begins with a 65 word sentence which could be summed up as "It rained like fuck and the cricket was shite" Unfortunately the verbosity of the writer can not be cut and pasted.

Let's compare that to a Sun story. In 65 words, they manage:

"SHAHID AFRIDI reckons he can unify Pakistan's dressing-room in the wake of the match-fixing scandal.

All-rounder Afridi will skipper Pakistan in the two Twenty20 matches and five one-day internationals against England.

As he prepared to lead Pakistan in a warm-up against Somerset today, Afridi said: "What's happened has gone. We are here to play good cricket.

"Myself and the coach Waqar Younis are trying to keep morale high. "

Can you please, in your infinite wisdom of a former WW contributor, tell me how the WW text is good and The Sun's is "utterly shite"

And one other thing. A friend runs an old folks home. The old ladies there love Mills and Boon. Fuck all of them read the Weekly Worker.

Laban said...

Only one thing - the Lone Voice has IMHO reached that blessed zone where it's become rather magnificent. You have to admire his single-mindedness.

Pleased to see pretty much all my nominations except D-HG made it. I thought I was the only one who'd ever read Blairy England.

Will said...

Guido doesn't engage in debate at all. Not for him the ivory tower of 'I can criticise but I have no obligation to set out my own position.' Guido is a pure, conscious, instrumental negativist, and you can't help admiring his clarity of purpose.

He is, of course, a political enemy in every way. He is of the type of libertarian conservative that would like to see politics largely abolished. He has no interest in promoting reasonable discussion - quite the reverse. When others discuss the finer points of policy, Guido hears "blah blah blah." He calls things the way he hears them, and he finds a receptive audience on all sides of the political divide.

When I spoke to him a while ago, he told me that Hong Kong is the nearest political model to the one that he would like to see here. For Guido, negativism is a conscious political weapon. It's one that he uses very effectively because he has a positive aim - a model that he is prepared to promote.

OK. Don't get me wrong - I'm not aiming to overestimate him here - I'm sure that he didn't lie awake one night hatching a dastardly plot to undermine democracy. But he has led where his nose has followed him, and - fair play to him - he's had a lot more success in promoting his own brand of politics than any other blogger that I can think of.

Guido has seen the main chance and taken it. And he's done so because he has recognised that the removal of all barriers to entry into political debate will inevitably suck in a huge number of commenters who honour Matt_C's maxim (in the comments here) that "the philosophers have only interpreted the world; the point is to complain about it."

This includes the political negativists that make up a large slice of the high-profile political blogosphere. There's Guido, and there's Guido's er... (how can I put this as un-pejoratively as possible?) .. useful idiots. His objective allies.

And even if he did have his bottom served up to him on a plate by Michael White a few weeks ago, I couldn't help thinking that White - the purveyor of tedious Kremlinology par excellence - was simply pulling up the ladder that he used himself.

from here

laff at the cunt here

Andrew Allison said...

Fame at last, but only 41st!

Phil said...

Robert, why the hell do you think I give a fig about the Weekly Worker?

And as if criticising and thinking the Sun is shit is criticising the people who buy it. You've completely lost the plot. Allow me to direct you to this tune in my recent top 100 of the 90s.

Robert Pitt said...

"And as if criticising and thinking the Sun is shit is criticising the people who buy it."

This explains why the far left will remain marginal.

They ket to any commercial or political organisation's success is to understand your market / constituency.

7, 682,000 people read the sun every day. They chose to do this. Looking at the demographics, the Sun's deepest penetration is the working class, with 88% of their readers in C1, C2, DE.

These are the people the left needs.

But you keep insulting what they read, because what someone reads is no reflection on them.

After all what could possible be wrong with Rupert Murdoch et al understanding your core constituency better than you do.

And regarding Weekly Worker, I must have got that wrong. I thought you had been responsible for the Around the Web section of the weekly worker...

" I was also responsible for the ‘Around the Web’ column in the Weekly Worker for 18 months and got into blogging in late 2006 at A Very Public Sociologist. I also contribute to the Socialist Unity and Union Futures blogs. I am a member of the Labour party and have recently completed a PhD looking at the life history of Trotskyist activists."

Anonymous said...

What the fuck did Tim Ireland do wrong other than get repeatedly sued by various Tory coprophages and expose an actual, real Murdoch-backed propaganda ring?

Phil said...

What a strange fellow you are, Robert. Assuming you're still some kind of socialist, you're opposed to the bilious outpourings of right wing crap too. Does that mean you're equally opposed to the people who read it? Of course not. The extent to which you're labouring this tendentious point suggests you have "issues" regarding your own relationship to working class people. What's the matter? Are you afraid you've "sold out"?

On the WW, yes, I used to write for it. Six years ago. So what?

Phil said...

Yorks, that's probably why the "libertarians" and Tories voted for him.

Robert Pitt said...

The point I was trying to make Phil is that writing off the chosen news and entertainment forms of "the class" - God, what an awful term - as shit, does not help.

Read Chomsky / Herman's unbelievably arrogant piece here.

Most of the folk that I know who read The Sun ignore the political drivel - they recognize it for what it is. But the journalism, particularly the sports stuff is very good. Writing it off as shite just gets peoples' backs up. The left has too long blamed "the sun wot won it" mentality for their own failure to communicate and connect.

As someone said recently,

"Comrades, if we are to take the class from where it is now to the point where it can make a socialist society it means Marxists have to intervene wherever the class begins to move, even if such movement initially assumes "economistic" forms.

Otherwise how are we to influence the class and gain credibility within it?"

Phil said...

If my various pieces on the media were at the level of popular forms of entertainment being shit, you'd have a point. But they're not. It's not enough for a Marxist analysis to do an ideology critique, though that is important, we have to uncover why they're popular and how they reflect, condition and speak to popular consciousness.

I think you've got me mixed up with another well-known lefty blogger. I've lost count of the number of times I've laboured that last point - see here and here. It's also why I think socialists need to be in Labour.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I'm not even a political blog, I'm old skool (you know the rules) and use a blog as a diary, archaic I know, to write about all kinds of shiz.

I'm surprised I got to 46th, until Derren Brown linked to me I only got 250 readers a day.

Love to one and all apart from the racists, anti-Semites, bigots and libertarians.


Anonymous said...

there are a lot of sweary mary's on here.

Lord Galleywood said...

You sir are a utter cunt and not fit to even be typing your total drivel on the internet - I may be wrong, if not my man, you now have won the internet - Enjoy.